International Tax Planning

We can provide expert tax advice to our clients through our Tax Department, as our tax advisors have previously worked for the biggest tax and audit organisations on the island and have successfully taken part in the drafting of numerous long and complex corporate structures throughout their career. One of our priorities is to inform our clients that every cross border transaction is likely to have a tax implication, which may result in unforeseen tax liabilities or missed opportunities for tax mitigation.

Consequently, our international tax team will ensure that our clients receive the maximum advantage and gains based on the various tax rules between their host country and Cyprus or any other jurisdiction. International Tax Planning services aim the development of a flexible and practical tax strategy for each company.

Our International Tax Planning team can provide among others:

  • Efficient tax planning to ensure minimization of global tax burden
  • International taxation structures – Different types of holding structures based on the client’s needs
  • Tax efficient funding and extraction of profits
  • Transfer pricing issues
  • Setting up of a foreign branch and/or subsidiary
  • Obtaining tax rulings from the tax authorities
  • Tax efficient financing of the company’s/group’s activities
  • Advice on foreign tax legislation
  • Tailor-made solutions through International Tax Planning Structures
  • Double tax treaties services

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