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We believe the dynamic range with which we deliver our services is one of our signature abilities that distinguish us from almost all other top firms.

Company Management and Administration Services

Immediate response, efficiency, fast resolution of matters are namely a few of the values that govern the unique combination of the work carried out every day between our legal, commercial and international tax departments in order to best serve our clients with their day to day corporate management requirements. In a nutshell, we have developed the distinct experience that places us in a position to be able to carry out just about anything our corporate clients might need.

 Corporate Services

  • Full range of shelf companies
  • Services of Registered Office
  • Undertaking appointments of the Secretary’s office and discharge of Secretary’s duties
  • Undertaking appointments of Director’s office
  • Undertaking trustee’s duties
  • Assisting and Observing Statutory Books, Entries and Registrations
  • Undertaking the conveyance of General and Extraordinary Assemblies
  • Keeping and observing minutes of Proceedings and drafting of Decisions
  • Providing Translations – Certifications services for Corporate Documents
  • Undertaking the handling of all procedures at the Companies Registrar


  • partnership formation and dissolution
  • cross-border transactions and joint ventures
  • formation and use of trusts
  • international tax planning
  • insolvency and restructures
  • technology transfers and intellectual property rights
  • information technology
  • agency and distributorship agreements

Management of Companies

  • Undertaking appointments of Director’s office and discharge of Director’s duties
  • Administering the Company’s invoices
  • Management of Banking Documents and Credits
  • Management of Banking accounts and transactions
  • Management of Products in Transit

Management of Corporate Accounts

  • Management and bookkeeping
  • VAT Registration and up-to-date account settling
  • Control and Submission of Books of Accounts

Virtual Office Services

  • Complete Virtual Office services
  • Services of Calls Answering and Call Diverting
  • Services of forwarding Correspondence (mail)
  • Services of forwarding Faxes
  • Services of forwarding Messages (email)

Full Banking Services

  • Introduction to Banking Institutions in Cyprus and abroad
  • Arranging the opening of accounts in Cyprus Banks or abroad
  • Management of Banking Accounts
  • Mediation for other banking facilities (credit card, e-banking, etc.)
  • Assisting for opening, negotiating and maintaining documentary credits
  • Establishing banking institutions and subsidiary offices
  • Resolution of problematic transactions with banking institutions

Audit Control of Company

Most International Firms of Auditors/Accountants are present in or represented in Cyprus and they usually charge the normal international fees, based on the time consumed.

Annual audited accounts should be prepared by accountants practicing in Cyprus and copies should be filed with the Department of Inland Revenue. The first audited accounts may cover the first eighteen months of the Company’s life. The audited accounts are also filed with the Registrar of Companies, in the case of public or non-exempt private companies. A private company is considered as exempt when:

  • no corporate body is a director of it,
  • the number of persons holding the company’s debentures does not exceed 50,
  • no corporate body holds shares or debentures issued by it unless itself is an exempt company and
  • no person other than the holder has any interest in its shares or debentures.

An Annual Return in statutory form must be filed with the Registrar of Companies stating, basically, the share capital and the registered shareholders, the directors, secretary and registered office.

Allotment of new shares and changes to the other details mentioned above, as well as charges on the company’s assets, must also be filed and registered with the Registrar of Companies.

Parparinos Milonas Corporate & Legal Consultants has its very own inside tax advisors team who have the capacity to provide you with prompt and accurate advice on almost any tax issues. On the same time we are proud for our affiliates comprising of leading Tax and Audit Corporations with years of experience on local and international tax advice. A quote fee of Tax services can be acquired upon request.

Certificates of Double Taxation

With the registration of the company it is possible to receive a relative certificate from the Cyprus Ministry of Finance which certifies that the Tax Seat of the Company is in Cyprus. Such certificate can be received from the Directors of the Company after the registration with the tax Authorities of Cyprus (Tax of Income) takes place. Usually Parparinos Milonas Corporate and Legal Consultants, undertake the process of registering a company and where is needed the issuing of the certificate of Double Taxation, upon our clients’ request.

V. A. T. Registration

Such registration must be done within a month from the date that the sum of turnover, that it is determined by the legislation, was realized. Companies can register at the V.A.T. Registration. The voluntary registration of the company can be done any time after the realization of the first activity in the company.

Legal Advice

It is not mandatory to have a legal advisor for the company, but companies usually appoint one, on a retainer fee, mainly to secure his services in case of need or advice on minor matters, but it does not cover court work, research or drawing up of documents or other similar work.

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