Our specialized Financial Services Advisory Team is currently the only service provider in the region which has been consistently successful in obtaining licenses and registering EU and Cyprus Investment Firms to deal in Forex (FX), under the current Law (MiFID). With a team of 85 expert financial services consultants and advisors, since the implementation of the new legal framework, MiFID (November 2007), we have succeeded in registering as a promoter/consultant over 60% of the Cyprus Investment Firms (CIF) registered under MiFID so far and succeeded in extending the license of a number of existing CIFs (NB: extending the license involves a procedure similar to a new registration, as regards procedures and manuals).

Register EU Investment Firms (IF)

In fact, our Financial Services Advisory Team (FSAT) has been the driving force behind the registration of the first ever licensed MiFID FX Investment Firms in the European Union, and remain the sector’s strongest proponent in front of the regulators in the EU jurisdictions we are active in.

Our FSAT will not only help you obtain an EU Banking license in Cyprus but will also help you register your FX Brokerage and Market Making firm in Cyprus or anywhere in the EU, as well as provide you with a full range of support services at very competitive prices, made possible through our specialization and unique expertise in the field. Whether a simple compliance issue or a full comprehensive and continuous compliance and operational support, dealing with any changing legislation, meeting any new regulatory and business requirements, we will provide a full range of support services across the EU for any licensed FX.

 Our services include:

  • Consulting in the form of a financial group’s presence in Cyprus and the rest of the EU (IF, CIF, Investment Branch or other, depending on the Client’s needs)
  • Advisory support towards authorisation and registration of an EU Investment Firm or a Cypriot Banking Institution
  • Preparation of the Application File in accordance with current regulatory requirements, to include, among others:
    1. Design and build the IF structure, based on your needs (in a way that it shall be cost-efficient)
    2. Prepare a custom-built Operations Manual, in the most efficient manner, and based on your needs,
    3. Prepare the Money Laundering Manual and the Know Your Client (KYC) policies, in the most efficient manner and based on your needs,
    4. Prepare the business plan
    5. Complete the application form to be submitted to the relevant EU regulatory authority
    6. Review the questionnaires of the shareholders, directors and heads of departments of the proposed IF
    7. Locate qualified executive and non-executive directors (if needed)
    8. Complete the relevant checklists
    9. Prepare necessary justifications to be submitted to the relevant EU regulatory authority, as applicable
    10. Prepare the letter(s) to accompany the application, in the event that any exceptions may be requested, as applicable
    11. Guide you in providing all the necessary documentation and certificates
    12. Answer to any relevant questions concerning the application process
    13. Undertake to respond, on your behalf, to the Authority’s queries, and suggestions relating to the application.
  • CIF/IF/Bank registration after the authorisation
  • Locating qualified Directors and personnel for an/a CIF/IF/Bank
  • Full legal, accounting and auditing support of an/a CIF/IF/Bank

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