Opening of Bank Accounts

At Parparinos Milonas Corporate and Legal, we take pride in our close ties and cooperation with the Cyprus Banking Sector which inevitably enables us to provide a vast range of banking services with the major Cyprus Banks. Offshore Banking is an additional service which is provided for all major destinations.

Our Services include:

  •    Private banking
  •    Private and corporate bank accounts
  •    Escrow accounts
  •    Provision of all types of plastic cards
  •    On line banking facilities
  •    Execution of payment and instant provision of swift vouchers
  •    Letters of credit
  •    Processing of investment and lending facilities
  •    Share trading accounts

It is important for any company in need to receive payments to set up a bank account. To do this, the first step is finding the right bank as it is the element which will influence the way the payments will be received as well as the way you will assist your clients in making those payments.

To find a right bank you will need to conduct a search of bank institutions in order to find out about their services and fees and assess which one is more suitable for your line of business. It is highly recommended to seek professional assistance to conduct this search, as it will make it easier for you to narrow down the candidates and make the right choice.

Furthermore, before making your final decision, you will need to choose between a variety of corporate bank account models. You need to be careful in choosing the type of corporate bank account you will set up as it needs to cover all your payment processing needs.

It must be noted that by finding the right bank, you improve your company’s reputation as the payment processing will be done in a secure manner and at a high level of service.

It’s a known fact that in today’s globalized financial and commercial world and with the raging war going on against offshore banking centres, having a ‘top notch’ bank and an efficient bank account has become a tedious task.

In an effort to provide high quality banking to our International clientele, our Firm prides itself in its exquisite relations with banks both in Cyprus and Worldwide and has officially signed agreements with various chosen banks.

Internet Banking is one of the most professional, secure and efficient ways of banking worldwide.

By opening a Corporate Bank Account you will have access to all the necessary facilities which are essential for your international operations such as swift transfers, multi-currency, zero tax on a bank account on interest earned on deposits, digipass, no minimum deposit terms, debit or credit card allowing cash withdrawals from ATM machines worldwide including an anonymous card should you need complete confidentiality.

The good news is that you do not need to be physically present in order to open a Bank Account due to the ability to take advantage of our introducer’s status, therefore the need for travel to and from for visiting the bank is not necessary. Internet Banking enables you to do your banking transactions from the comfort of your own home or office wherever you are around the world.

Parparinos Milonas Corporate and Legal Consultants can assist you with finding the right bank and setting up the best suited account for your company’s needs. Whichever type of bank account you choose, our specialized personnel is in place to guide you through the process.

Parparinos Milonas Corporate and Legal Consultants are Official Introducers to the following banks:


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