Mobile Payment Services

An alternative way of conducting payments from wherever in the world is the mobile payment system. This offers clients the opportunity to pay via their phone based devices (e.g. Smartphones), quickly and efficiently.

This is an advanced payment system which is quickly becoming one of the most commonly used systems around the world. Through the mobile payment system there are many ways to conduct a payment. A good example of one way is via SMS, where the transaction is approved by sending an SMS confirming a payment.

Another way which is spreading at a fast pace, is the direct mobile billing where the user will let the site charge his / her mobile phone account. This is one of the safest and quickest ways to purchase a product or service, as no banking information is needed for the transaction. The user will receive a mobile phone bill at the end of the month with the transaction charged on it.

Furthermore, this type of payment can also be achieved via mobile phone scanning terminals. A user can use his / her mobile phone to scan the bar code of a product and payment will be made instantly. The price of the product will be added to the mobile phone bill, or immediately deducted from the pay – as – you – go credit of the person from whose phone the transaction is authorized.

There is also the method of the online wallet. While making the first payment using this system, the user will have to give some personal information, such as their mobile phone number. Once the purchase is completed an SMS will be sent to that number with a unique PIN number which will be used for any future transaction made via the online wallet.

Another way of making payments is based WAP/3G technology through which a person can complete any transaction, while connected to the internet using a mobile device. These might charge the used through their mobile phone or through a site such as PayPal. As is the case for the above mentioned, this system as well offers customers a quick and safe way of dealing with their financial needs.

Parparinos Milonas Corporate and Legal Consultants will be more than happy to assist you in opening a bank account as well as a merchant account so that the process and acceptance of mobile payments becomes easier for you.

Our team of professionals will be able to guide you step by step of the way in order to help you obtain the suitable mobile payment as well as advise you on how to implement the processing in the correct way. 

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