Electronic Payment Solutions

Parparinos Milonas Corporate and Legal Consultants offers its clients a number of products and services regarding electronic payment.

Online retail has become one of the most common ways to purchase any goods and services one may require. The most commonly used ways to conduct online payments for these goods and services are debit and credit cards. However, in an evolving world, credit card fraud and the damage due to default is increasing worldwide. Effective risk management is of utmost importance for the acceptance of payments via credit and debit cards.

The high requirements in efficiency, data security and availability of the systems are considerable aspects of this kind of transactions.

We, as a leading network of integrated concepts for electronic payments, offer full service of the highest standard, also in credit card processing.

Cooperation with all credit card organizations around the globe and numerous acquirers is feasible through our partners. Through a standardized interface we are able to offer merchants worldwide efficient access to notable payment processing systems and extensive fraud protection systems.

The platforms used are based on the latest security technologies, fulfilling all requirements imposed by the credit card organizations including PCI certification, and supporting the processing of additional industry-specific data from the financial, digital, car leasing, hotel and airline industries.

Processing of electronic payments, transaction and customer verification, support services concerning call centre and email management are achievable via the over 90 payment and risk management solutions offered through our international solutions.

We offer smooth processing of card-based payments solutions in retail.

 Key benefits:

  • Use of all important credit and debit cards
  • Effective risk management concepts
  • Data transmission and processing is conducted securely and safely
  • Costs for processing are low
  • Highest availability – also during peak periods

We offer a wide range of products and services regarding electronic payment, enabling customized solutions for secure and smooth payment processing.

Through our payments solutions network we offer the following:

 All current payment methods

  • All important currencies
  • Highest security standards
  • Smooth systems integration
  • Cost-effective outsourcing
  • Web-based administration

 Electronic payments make business via the Internet or call centres possible, thus providing significant challenges at the same time. Payment alternatives, time zones, currencies, systems integration, fraud and data security are various challenges one can encounter.

Individual solutions are offered for the entire process of their electronic payments based on the business model, requirements, goals and target markets of each merchant. This includes the integration of the respective key national and international payment options as much as an effective safeguard against default. Our payment system is characterized with high reliability, transparency and efficiency. Furthermore, integrating these solutions into existing IT structures and business processes will not constitute a problem and is done with ease.

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