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In an evolving world, for an online business to be able to accept credit and debit cards payments, it is essential for it to operate in the most efficient way and have a good chance in the market competition. It is not always the easiest of tasks to obtain a credit and debit card payment processing system, and as a consequence it is advised to seek professional assistance for the matter.

Parparinos Milonas Corporate and Legal Consultants can provide the kind of assistance your business requires in order for you to be able to install and operate the system properly.

Most online businesses use the credit and debit card processing as it gives their clients the freedom and flexibility regarding the method of payment of the goods and services purchased. Furthermore, a business gives the opportunity to its clients to pay for those goods and services even if they cannot afford them at the time being.

The processing of the above mentioned cards can be done offline and online. When referring to offline we refer to the processing via Point of Sale (POS) terminals (chip or pin terminals). When talking about online processing we are merely referring to the payments made through the internet using one of these cards in a secure way.

In order to be able to have this processing system you must firstly have a merchant account, secondly have a registered company and thirdly a bank account for the company to be able to receive the payments.

The Benefits:

 Security and Safety of this method of payment

  • Systems and policies regarding anti-fraud are in place
  • It is easier and more convenient for the customers
  • Gives the opportunity to expand the range of target markets around the globe
  • Widens the business network of a company

Parparinos Milonas Corporate and Legal Consultants is well equipped to provide the necessary assistance for your company’s needs. The qualified personnel in place is ready to provide you the help you need in all the steps mentioned above (merchant account, registered company and bank account). Furthermore, the team is able to assist you in properly and safely using the credit and debit card processing system.

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