Sports Legal Services

Sports Law is a wide reaching term which is very often used in a generic way, our firm focuses on using the in depth knowledge of employment law, contract law, competition law, tort law and defamation and privacy rights, which are the key pillars of sports law mixed in with experiences of the key members of both the legal and corporate team to ensure the interests of our clients are well looked after.

Sports law requires a specialisation and knowledge of not just the law but its application in the sporting arena. Moreover we offer a blend of knowledge, experience and imagination linked to other areas of personal experience in Sport allowing them to understand both sides of the table. The firm has and continues to have an ever growing exposure to sport, from registration of new sporting entities, through to negotiation between multinational corporation and global sporting entities on a range of regulation and implementation of sponsorship rights, to player representation, representing both local and international sporting federations to the more exclusive areas of sporting contract, making us well placed to assist with the many eventualities that arise in the world of sports law.

Our ever growing network in the world of sport allowed us to enjoy unmatched success in this previously overlooked area of the law in particular in Cyprus. Note here is given to our Head of Corporate, Andreas Ioannou, who particular interests in the field have seen him represent clients in a wide range of sporting transactions such as, the sponsorship of a Premier League football, binding opinions on international federations based on the suitability to challenge the decision of an international regulator and successfully implement a major sponsorship contract with a Series A football team.

Andreas and his legal team can safeguard the interests of both the athletes as well as the interests of the advertisers, clubs, managers, insurers or anyone else who has a contractual relationship with the athlete.

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