Legal Due Diligence


Our Firm is in the premier position of being able to offer a broad and at the same time extremely unique ‘package’ of services.

Our Legal Professionals have carefully selected a wide range of Legal Services identifying and supporting with any potential need that you may have in your everyday Business Operations.

Our Corporate and International Division helps design the best possible corporate structure for your Individual Business Operations, while it can also guide you from day one on how to run and manage your Corporate entity in Cyprus or in any other Jurisdiction. Click here for more information on Corporate Administration.

The International Division is also responsible for very specialized matters such as the registration of and comprehensive support to EU Investment Firms regulated by a number of European Regulatory Authorities as well as matters of Taxation, Accounting and Auditing ensuring that all the tax obligations will be followed and conducted according to the law, whilst providing expert advice on safeguarding your interests.

Please select any of the Legal areas practiced by clicking on the right hand side of this page where they are carefully outlined.

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