Cyprus employment law is an amalgam of statute and case law. The Constitution guarantees certain fundamental rights relating to employment, such as the rights to work, to strike and to equal treatment. The main statutes which relate to employment include the Termination of Employment Law of 1967, Social Insurance Law of 1980, Annual Paid Leave Law of 1967, Protection of Maternity Law of 1997, Minimum Salaries Law Cap 183, Equal Treatment at Work and Employment Law of 2004 and the Health and Safety at Work Law of 1996, as amended. Each is supplemented by relevant Regulations and Decrees. In Cyprus, the most important employment law related statute is the Termination of Employment Law, Law 14/67. This statute regulates termination of employment, the reasons that an employee may be dismissed and the remedies available to an unfairly dismissed employee. There is also a considerable amount of case law on all employment related laws.

The Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance has the main responsibility for the enforcement of employment statutes and regulations. The Ministry operates a number of branches, known as labour offices, in every district in order to best serve the public. The Ministry’s Department of Labour Inspection is also responsible for the enforcement of a number of employment laws and regulations including those relating to health and safety at work. Under the Industrial Relations Code, the Ministry also mediates in disputes under collective agreements between employees and employers and trade unions.


Employment Procedures Legal Advice

Our Firm can provide thorough legal advice on employment issues for both the employer and the employee. The most common legal issues arising in practice are, among other, the conflict between the two parties in unfair dismissal cases, negligence issues in  health and safety measures in the workplace, safeguarding employees’ rights in unfair treatment instances where the transfer of a business to a third party might take place.


Employment contracts

Cyprus employment law is based on contract law. As a result an employment contract is a form of contract which is supplemented by employment law principles.

Employment contracts are concluded freely between both the employer and employee and any terms or conditions agreed are valid provided they do not contradict any law.

The basic rights of the employee are safeguarded by statute and are in short, as follows:

  • Including overtime, a working week cannot exceed 48 hours
  • Maternity and parental leave (20 weeks for maternity leave)
  • Equal pay for equal work is safeguarded
  • Guaranteed minimum wage
  • Specific reasons for dismissal from employment

Our Legal team can help employers and employees with the drafting of their employment agreements and act within the legal framework. EU and third country nationals can contact us directly and get advice on employment and resident permits, including a research on their behalf as to the extent and terms that may be in place for them to be able to work in Cyprus.