Criminal law is a set of legal regulations that determine the actions that society condemns. A criminal wrong describes an action that unjustifiably and unacceptably threatens or causes considerable harm or damage to individuals or the general public. Criminal law aims at protecting society and to supress such acts, by imposing punishments on the individuals who conduct such actions. Criminal law in Cyprus reflects to a large degree the prevalent principles and major offenses of the English Common Law, with great influence from the French Penal Code and the continental European Criminal systems. The accusatorial system of criminal justice is similar in nature to the one adopted by Common Law.
The Cyprus criminal legal system has been effective since 1928 and has come to be “respected and esteemed as a keystone of fairness”. Criminal justice and procedure are in line with the fundamental civil rights and liberties established in the Constitution of Cyprus. The principles of the criminal law are laid down in the Criminal Code (Cap 154), which comprises a codified version of all main offenses and criminal responsibilities. Matters of criminal proceedings are governed by the Criminal Procedure Law (Cap 155).The Criminal Procedure Law is structured to provide support to all significant provisions of the Constitution of the Republic of Cyprus, the European Convention of Human Rights and international treaties. This provides for the application of the law in such a way, so as to safeguard the rights of citizens, while not hindering the protection of individuals from criminal wrongs and the suitable conferment of justice.
Criminal justice is enforced by the District Courts, the Assize Court and the Supreme Court of Cyprus in its appellate jurisdiction. The verdicts of the Supreme Court are binding on all subordinate Courts. Punishments may vary from a fine, suspended sentence, home monitoring, probation and even imprisonment. Legal and court proceedings also differ and is based on the degree of the crime committed.
Criminal Law covers all the offences that are penalised according to the Penal Code of Cyprus. There is an immense array of acts which encompass a criminal wrong and are punishable by the Cyprus’ Courts as listed below:

  • manslaughter
  • murder
  • assault
  • theft
  • rape
  • money laundering
  • fraud
  • drug trafficking and possession
  • regulatory offenses
  • crimes related to property
  • road traffic offences

Criminal Law Legal Services

Criminal proceedings necessitate the prompt involvement of dedicated lawyers from the outset and often at very short notice. Our lawyers can appear before any criminal court in Cyprus and defend our clients for offences that were committed. Our team of criminal law specialists provide the highest quality service and advocacy on the full range of criminal law matters. They appear before all District Courts of Cyprus, undertaking any type of criminal case, from the simplest to the most complex. In order to prepare for an effective defence and minimize the chance of being convicted, we meticulously review all the facts of our client’s case and work closely with them over repeated meetings in order to make sure that nothing is left to chance and the defence case is prepared in the best way possible.

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