ALIANT LAW CYPRUS are a family of services! A unique and pioneering comprehensive Corporate, Financial and Legal services advisory, executive training and business support service provider.

Today, we stand bigger and more comprehensive in our service offering to our clients, always maintaining our highly personal and friendly approach. We have grown together with our prominent clients and associates to be able to see to their every business need.

Our expert Teams consist of uniquely-trained, specialized and experienced Lawyers and renowned professionals with Doctorates and Masters from leading universities, as well as Paralegals, Consultants, Tax specialists, qualified Accountants and Internal Auditors. We can service you in any of the 14 countries we have presence, namely Los Angeles, Buenos Aires, Sao Paolo, Shanghai, Paris, Amsterdam, Warsaw, Barcelona, Budapest, Helsinki, Nicosia, Tel Aviv, Nigeria and Beirut.

ALIANT LAW CYPRUS specializes in comprehensive Corporate, Financial and Legal services advisory related to the setting up and operation of Cyprus Companies as well as Companies in 17 other Jurisdictions around the world.


Socrates Parparinos
Socrates has been practicing law since 2006. His strong personality and communication skills are some of the…
Andreas Pastellides
Andreas is a United Kingdom-qualified Barrister at Law with over 10 years’ experience. He has had considerable…
George Iakovou
George graduated from the Metropolitan University of Leeds in the UK where he acquired the Bachelor of…
Eleni Iakovidou
Eleni Iakovidou holds a law degree (LLB) from the Queen Mary, University of London and a Masters in International Business Law...