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If you wish to incorporate a Company in Gibraltar our team of skilled legal advisers can assist you with the Company Formation and the opening of a Bank Account so that you can start and go about your business immediately and effectively.


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Parameters to Consider

  • Political stability – Gibraltar is a dependent of the UK and an associate member of the EU
  • Tax exempt – Non-resident companies are exempt from all local taxes
  • VAT exempt – There is no VAT in Gibraltar
  • The company needs only one director and one shareholder
  • There is no requirement for resident directors or shareholders
  • There is no minimum capital requirement
  • There is no requirement for directors or shareholders to attend meetings in Gibraltar

The Rock of Gibraltar is located at the entrance of the Mediterranean. Its strategic location and history have made it an international symbol of solidity and strength. The subject of repeated conquest and sieges, Gibraltar has been a British Territory since 1704. Ceded forever to Britain by Spain in the Treaty of Utrecht (1713), Gibraltar joined the EU in 1973, under the British Treaty of Accession. Today, as a self-governing British Overseas Territory the locally elected Government of Gibraltar has created a solid and diverse economy. In a modern Europe, this has its base in offshore finance, shipping, tourism, and the Internet rather than the historic military past. There is, however, much of that for the tourist to see, along with the famous apes, and the dolphins in the bay.


Gibraltar’s population is approximately 30,000 although a substantial number of the working population commutes daily from homes nearby in Spain. There are a number of Moroccan, British and Indian expatriates who reside in Gibraltar.


The official and spoken language in Gibraltar is English while Spanish, Italian and Portuguese are also spoken.


Gibraltar Pound which is on par with the British Pound.

Political Structure

Based on a Constitution of 1969, Gibraltar is a Crown Colony with internal self-government. It is a British Dependent Territory and has its own elected House of Assembly, which legislates on various domestic matters. The United Kingdom (UK) is responsible for defence, financial stability, internal security and foreign affairs. In 1973, Gibraltar became part of the European Community when it joined as a UK Dependent Territory under Article 227 (4) of the Treaty of Rome.

Gibraltar enjoys special status within the Community and is exempted from the Common Customs Tariff, the Common Agricultural Policy and Value Added Taxation (VAT).

The Gibraltar non-resident Company can be used for international trade, holding of investments and property holding. It requires a minimum of one shareholder and one director and a company secretary. Public filing of directors, nominees or your own Seychelles Company can be used. Our Firm’s experts can arrange your annual accounting requirements. Gibraltar is known to be a well-respected financial centre in the Europe. Most of the large international gaming companies are based here. The Gibraltar Company is ideal for setting up an online website as merchant providers accept Gibraltar due to its location in the EU. Our Firm is in cooperation with a merchant provider who can set up merchant facilities should you need to accept online payments.

Basic Characteristics

Typically Gibraltar companies are used

  • To operate as a trading company
  • To act as a holding company
  • To act as an investment company
  • To hold property or other assets
  • To own or operate ships


Gibraltar companies are widely used for holding property, trading and re-invoicing activities, and to act as investment holding companies. The incorporation of a Gibraltar company normally takes five days from the time of the order being placed.

A company registered in Gibraltar must have a unique name, so registering a company will protect your business name. We will check the name of your new Gibraltar Company for availability, free of charge.

To incorporate an offshore company in Gibraltar we will need the following:

  • The chosen name of the company (approved names can be given upon request)
  • Name and address of director
  • Name and address of shareholder
  • Name and address of the company secretary

The company must have a registered office in Gibraltar. This is the official address of the company. Our Firm can provide you with a registered office.


Only one director is required. This can be the same person as the shareholder. Corporate and Nominee Directors are allowed. There is no requirement to appoint a local director. There are no restrictions on a director’s nationality or residency.

Company Secretary

A Gibraltar limited company must appoint a resident Company Secretary. Our Firm provides this as part of our Corporate Administration service.


Only one shareholder is required. This can be the same person as the director. Corporate and Nominee shareholders are allowed. Our Firm can provide you with a nominee shareholder. There is no requirement to appoint a local shareholder. There are no restrictions on nationality or residency.

Share Capital

There is no minimum share capital but two shares must be issued. Companies are usually incorporated with 2000 issued £1 ordinary shares and can be issued in other currencies.

Trading Restrictions

There are certain restrictions on trading and these are that you cannot trade within Gibraltar or remit income to Gibraltar if the Company is to retain its non-resident status for tax purposes. A Non Resident company cannot undertake the business of banking, deposit taking, insurance, assurance, reinsurance, fund management, asset management or any other activity associated with the finance industry.

As it is a requirement that a Gibraltar company must have a registered agent who is required to keep information about the company directors and shareholders, and a registered address where all official correspondence will be sent, our team of experts will be able to assist and guide you every step of the way as part of our Firm’s incorporation service.

Time to Incorporate

Subject to name approval, a company can be incorporated within three working days, once all information has been received.

Annual Requirements:

A Gibraltar company must file an annual return and its accounts every year. Our Corporate Department can assist you with this matter.

Double Tax Treaties

Gibraltar is not a party to any double tax treaties.


A Gibraltar Non Resident Company does not fall under the Gibraltar tax system and therefore is not required to register or file in Gibraltar for taxation purposes. In addition there is no wealth tax, Capital Gains Tax, gift tax or Value Added Tax. A Gibraltar company is taxed only on profits generated from activities within Gibraltar.

Our tax specialists use in depth technical knowledge to assist clients, both businesses and individuals, across a wide spectrum of tax areas and jurisdictions, in particular Gibraltar.

Note: Shelf Companies are always available for immediate use.

The corporate tax rate is, generally, 10% for companies but only on income “accruing in and derived from” Gibraltar. There is an exception for certain companies such as utility companies that will be taxed at 20%.

  • Individuals can also benefit from a favourable tax regime with low tax rates and specific tax regimes.
  • Gibraltar is a member of the European Union (EU) and has full EU passporting rights, which are beneficial for businesses wishing to provide their services throughout the EU, such as insurance companies. However, Gibraltar is not part of the EU VAT or Customs Union and so there is no VAT in Gibraltar.
  • In Gibraltar, companies are not subject to tax on:
    • royalties
    • interest (unless it is a trading receipt)
    • dividends received from another company, or
    • capital gains


  • Full set of corporate Documents in English
  • A copy of the Company’s Articles and Memorandum
  • A corporate register detailing the Company’s appointed Director, Secretary and Registered Office and Shareholder
  • A Share Certificate issued to any shareholders in the Company

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