Cyprus IP Regime

Cyprus IP Regime is one of the most appealing Tax Regimes offered to Cyprus Companies, due to the benefit to pay Income Tax on IP Royalties income with an effective tax rate of 2.5% instead of 12.5%  Since January 2016 there were some changes on the old IP regime, not on the effective tax rate […]
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cyprus trademark registration

Are you a new startup?

Are you a new startup? This is the right time to trademark your company’s name or logo! Without a doubt, any business which established a strong brand have led themselves to success. Take for example, Apple Inc. and their well-known logo, which is recognisable by most people all over the world. It is pivotal for […]
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Repression of cybersquatting practice regarding the infringement of domain name

The sector of intellectual property rights has seen rapid expansion particularly as a result of the increase in internet use ensuing in consolidation of trademarks, domain names and patents. The infringement of such rights is not easily recognisable as the infringers are very careful when replicating the content of a domain name holder and subsequently […]
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The necessity for protection of IP rights

The protection of IP rights and Intellectual property in general has nowadays become a necessity, especially due to the ever growing development of technology, the impairment of all kind of barriers and of course the constant development of businesses and worldwide transactions. As a result, an international business proceeds to protect all of its IP […]
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