Cyprus Tax Residency and General Powers of Attorney (GPOA)

In accordance with the Cyprus income tax legislation, a company is considered to be tax resident in Cyprus if it is managed and controlled in Cyprus. Even though most European Union Members base the tax residency of a company on their place of registration, Cyprus follows the ‘management and control’ test which focuses on the […]
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Importance of Ethics in Accounting

The International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) was formed with a mission to “strengthen the worldwide accountancy profession and contribute to the development of strong international economies by establishing and promoting adherence to high quality professional standards”. Ethics in accounting are concerned with how to create good and moral choices regarding the preparation, presentation and disclosure […]
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What is a Trust

A Trust is a legal mechanism for separating the ownership of an asset into two parts: the “legal” ownership, or title to the asset and the “beneficial” ownership. Trusts are incredibly useful and flexible engines that people ignite for all sorts of different purposes. The trust is established by an individual “the Settlor” and the […]
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Banking in Cyprus

A successful recapitalised banking sector in Cyprus passed External Commercial Borrowing (ECB) stress tests and found a stable footing after the turmoil of the 2013 bail-in. Liquidity and solvency in the banking system have improved significantly, with exchange controls fully lifted in May 2015. Foreign investors who want to open a company in Cyprus will have to open a bank account for […]
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