Press Release

It is with a mixed feeling of sadness and pride that we announce that Michael Milonas is stepping down as CEO of Parparinos Milonas and ultimately our Group. Michael, one of the two founding members of our Firm, has been appointed as CEO of Hanseatic Brokerhouse Global Markets a CySEC Regulated Investment Firm with License […]


Cyprus Investment Firms (CIF)


In the last few years the Cyprus Regulated Market has grown to the maximum due to the increase of Companies who wish to provide investment and ancillary services. Click below to read more…


EU Launches Investigation into Hungarian Advertising Tax


An investigation into whether Hungary’s advertising tax complies with EU state aid rules has been launched by the European Commission (EC). The tax, which was introduced in June 2014, is presently based on turnover as opposed to profits and is applied at progressive rates ranging from 0 to 50%. While the European Commission does not […]


Cyprus Exits Bailout Program


Eurozone finance ministers celebrated in Brussels as Cyprus exited its bailout programme – the fourth EU country to do so, while Greece’s creditors continued to stall over its latest rescue package. Cyprus signed up to a rescue package of as much as €10 billion ($11 billion) in March 2013, when its banks collapsed and the […]


EU and Switzerland’s New Savings Tax Pact


The European Union and Switzerland have initialed an agreement on the automatic exchange of tax information (AEOI).  The first exchange is scheduled for 2018 after all account data is collected from the onset of 2017. On 19 March 2015, the agreement was initialed by Jacques de Watteville, the Swiss State Secretary, Dominique Paravinci, the Deputy […]