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Cyprus Company Registration – Corporate Tax Cyprus

Advantages of a Cyprus Company include: The main reason why Cyprus has become a great attraction as a business location is the business-friendly tax system that offers many advantages to companies that are based in the country. The key benefit of a resident corporation is the uniform 12.5% corporate tax rate which is one of […]
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cyprus management and control

Cyprus Company Registration – Effective Management and Control

Tax Residence The term “fiscal residence” or its synonym “tax residence” is generally understood to mean the place where a company is subject to unlimited tax liability. Cyprus tax resident persons (including companies and individuals) are subject to tax in Cyprus on their worldwide income, whilst non tax resident persons are subject to tax only […]
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cyprus company formation icis

Cyprus Company Registration – International Collective Investment Schemes

In Cyprus at present, Funds are produced under the two legislations noted down below: ICIS Funds are under the supervision of The Central Bank of Cyprus. The International Collective Investment Schemes Law (ICIS) 47(I)/1999, controls funds that are not open to the public at large. At present, only private funds meaning those which have less […]
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cyprus taxation cyprus reforms

Cyprus Taxation, Cyprus Tax Reforms and Tax Planning

As mentioned earlier, the new tax legislation came into effect as of 1 January 2003 where extensive tax reforms were introduced and were intended to ensure the conformity of Cyprus with EU directives and codes of conduct. Another reason being was to indicate Cyprus’ commitment to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s (OECD) efforts […]
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setup business in cyprus

The Setting Up of a Business

As with foreign investors and as with local ones, the legal requirements for setting up a business in Cyprus are the same. Prior to the commencing of their operations, all enterprises with the exception of sole traders are to be registered with the Cyprus Registrar of Companies. Different Types of Business Entities in Cyprus Forms […]
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