Socrates Parparinos
Socrates has been practising law since 2006. His strong personality and communication skills are some of the characteristics that distinguish Socrates in his field of practice. A very good listener and an excellent observer, is what gives him the head start when it comes to really understanding the Client’s needs, allowing in this way a sense of comfort to the Client’s disquiet. Apart from being responsible for the operation of our firm, Socrates is also a practising lawyer with his areas of expertise being Corporate, Commercial, Intellectual Property, E-Commerce, Banking, Migration and Estate Planning. He is a member of the Cyprus Bar Association, the Nicosia Bar Association, the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP), of which he is a fully qualified TEP member and the Board of the Union of Small Businesses and Self-Employed Individuals in Cyprus. He is also a fully licensed Nominated Advisor (NOMAD) for public companies in Cyprus. Socrates has been involved in a number of complex corporate structures such as the acquisition and restructuring of Russian Banks, the registration of public companies with the Cyprus Stock Exchange, the registration of payment institutions with the Central Bank of Cyprus, the restructuring of an international group dealing with agricultural facilities design and construction, advising a multi-million dollar organisation with global presence in the financial investment sector on how to protect its international trademarks efficiently, reshaping the corporate structure of a group of an internet based business in Europe, designing the most tax efficient structure for a leading telecommunication company in Europe. Amongst other, Socrates has been involved in an acquisition of a software company who also owned the rights of the operation of the software systems in a metro station of a major European city, working together with lawyers and tax experts from all around the world. He is also heading our firm's biggest court project with more than 500 cases filed against all major bank institutions in Cyprus, in relation to the big scandal for miss-selling foreign currency (CHF) mortgaged housing loans in association with Cyprus based Developing Companies to UK residents back in 2006 to 2008. In addition to this, Socrates leads our Litigation Team which advises and represents the Union of Small Business and of the Self-employed before the Cyprus banks in an effort to assist with the restructuring of non-performing loans and inevitably before the Cyprus Courts for a claim against the Bank for unlawful practises and illegal charges or interest. He is also involved in numerous important court cases of our law firm, such as a mass action claim against a regulated Cyprus Investment Firm, filing an application for an order of discovery and a freezing order against one of the leading banks in Cyprus on behalf of one of the biggest steel producing giants in the world. Apart from Socrates being the professional that he is, he is also a human being! In his free time, he enjoys swimming and is a member of the Nicosia Nautical Club since 1996. He is actually a member of the Water Polo team of the Club, winning the Cyprus Championship and Cup for more than 10 consecutive years while he was also included in the Cyprus National Water Polo Team 7 times. He prides himself as a dedicated athlete, taking part in a number of football, basketball, beach-volley, and triathlon competitions in Europe. Above all, Socrates is a dedicated husband and a proud father of three boys!
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