Christos Charalambous
Christos is the Chief Financial Officer of the Company. He graduated from University College London in 2013 when he acquired his Bachelor of Sciences Honours in Mathematics and returned to Cyprus to proceed with his ACA Qualification with one of the Big Four Audit firms. He qualified as an ACA in 2016 and continued working in the audit department gaining experience and further advancing. His responsibilities include managing a team, assimilating and using information and providing problem solving scenarios, day to day interaction with the Partners of the Company, reviewing files and documentation, advising clients on possible courses of action through his understanding of the Cyprus tax legislation and the accounting standards, implementing his knowledge of the International Financial Reporting Standards and liaising with the external auditors. Among other, his responsibilities also include managing the Company’s finances, financial planning, record-keeping and financial reporting as well as data analysis, implementing operational best practices, monitoring cash balances and cash forecasts as well as assisting with the Company’s future direction. Christos is a highly motivated, well knowledgeable individual who is always in high spirits. His positive attitude encourages people around him to want to work with him. He is always up to the challenge and eager to strengthen his knowledge. He is a good team player and keen to share his knowledge through patience and persistence, but also willing to take into account the input of others.
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