Excellence is never an accident;

Like the fundamental ideals of a great nation, a church, a school, or any other enduring institution, the core ideology in our visionary company is the set of precepts that define our existence. Integrity, Transparency, Efficiency combined with Top Quality client service, Respect for our colleagues and professional Satisfaction.

This is who we are; This is what we stand for; This is what we are all about.


Apr 06 2015Marianna MilonasCorporate News
European hedge funds shut down at record pace
Hedge funds in Europe are closing down at the fastest-ever pace as rising costs, weak performance and a slowdown in the pace of new investment leads some embattled founders to Read More
Mar 30 2015Marianna MilonasCorporate News
Cyprus: Investment fund landscape
With reference to the regulatory categorisation of investment funds in the European Union, investment funds are categorised as either an undertaking for collective investment in transferable securities otherwise abbreviated as Read More
Mar 23 2015Marianna MilonasCorporate News
British Virgin Islands: Court Provides Guidance for Appraisers Valuing Shares
Recently, the BVI Commercial Court issued important guidance to accountancy professionals, BVI companies and their shareholders as to how shares should be valued following a squeeze-out, merger or dissent from Read More
Mar 20 2015Marianna MilonasCorporate News
Transfer Pricing
Over the past 12 months, the transfer pricing environment has undergone a significant change including high-profile developments, such as the introduction of the Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development’s (OECD) Read More